Transportation/Highway Engineer - Project Manager

Margarita Morales, P.E., Civil/Highway Engineer


Contact Information:   11287 Spinning Reel Circle Orlando FL 32825

                                    Phone: (407) 538-5208

Years of Experience:   19 years

Education:                   Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

                                    University of Central Florida, 1994



I am a Civil Engineer with more than 19 years of experience in the design and management of transportation-related projects (roadway, transit, site civil). My past experience includes office management and regional management as well. My design background includes project management, production management, and project engineering for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), expressway authorities, local municipalities and other federal agencies in Florida. I have experience with business development, strategic marketing and preparation of proposals and marketing materials.

Career Goals

To obtain a position in a civil engineering firm that would allow me to practice skills acquired with varied types of responsibility roles during my career for the benefit of such organization.  I would be interested in a position that can enhance the organization’s capabilities as well as provide me with opportunities of advancement and growth professionally. I am willing to consider various roles including project engineering, project management, office or department management, strategic marketing or other challenging opportunities.  I would be open to consider various areas of practice such as construction, design/build or planning.  

Work Ethics

I consider myself a self starter who constantly strives for acquiring new skills and knowledge.  I also consider myself a resourceful employee who strives to find solutions to issues when encountered in order to provide colleagues and management with effective solutions for consideration and execution.  I work well with other team members and coordinate pro-actively with others in order to assist the task execution process in an efficient manner.  I believe firmly in team work and in the proper planning of assignments from the onset in order to facilitate timely completion, quality work and meeting budgets.


Description of Career Experience

I have participated in civil design projects from the perspective of various roles within a Project Team.  I have experience in both the project engineering roles and project management roles. Also, I have experience in the regional and office management role. This varied set of experience allows me to understand all the facets involved in the successful delivery of services to clients and in the development of successful projects. Following is a brief description of my responsibilities and capabilities in each area.

Project Engineering - As a project engineer, I have been responsible for design tasks, plans production and estimating.  I was required and succeeded in delivering these tasks on time and on budget. These tasks required the development of alignments, grades, variations and exceptions, cross sections, pavement design, signing and marking, specifications, quantities, cost estimating, and maintenance of traffic design, amongst others. In addition to design, I also participated as a team member in planning contracts, and participated as the engineer involved in alignment studies and preliminary engineering design and reports. These studies included the quantification of impacts, advice to clients, evaluation and prioritizing proposed projects by local agencies in their work programs, assisting with local agency programs, and public involvement for various projects.

Project Management – As a project manager, I was responsible for the management of client contracts and projects.  I completed Project Plans, schedules, scopes, estimates of effort and Quality Control Plans. I was responsible for team coordination, client contacts, project direction and issue resolution, as well as monitoring and controlling the project’s progress and implementation of the quality control measures and delivery for a successful execution.  Other tasks involved budget management, client reporting, resource allocation, critical path analysis, contract analysis and compilation, invoicing, client project meetings and quality control reviews.  I have also prepared and delivered presentations to clients, staff presentations, public agencies, and universities.

Business Development – In this capacity, I was responsible for the overall marketing of services for the Florida Team. The areas of business development that I was in charge of marketing included: road design, bridge design, miscellaneous structural services, waterfront design, marinas, federal and other governmental clients, and top and underwater inspection services of overhead signs and bridges. Also, I was responsible for meeting with clients to research upcoming work opportunities, compiling letters of interest and proposals in their entirety, and team arrangements. Clients I was responsible for included a varied sector of civil works: FDOT, Navy, US Coast Guard, WDW, local municipalities, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), counties and contractors, amongst several other private clients. I succeeded in bringing new contracts and clients, as well as forming new team partners in the civil engineering field. I was also responsible for staff reviews and management, manpower projections, budget projections and client negotiations.

Past Employers

  1. Professional Engineering Consultants (1994-1999)
  2. Reynolds, Smith and Hills (1999-2002)
  3. Wilbur Smith Associates (2002-2006)
  4. Collins Engineers (2006-2009)
  5. Erdman Anthony of Florida (2009-2012)
  6. Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (2012-Present)

Representative Project Experience

Please find below a brief description of some of the projects I have been involved with within my career activities. Additional details can be provided if requested. Please do not hesitate to ask for any additional information.

1        Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority, MetroRapid North/South Bus Rapid Transit Line – Assistant Project Manager

Project consists of the construction of 59 new stations along a 17 mile corridor within the City of Tampa and City of Temple Terrace. The work included construction of new concrete pads, sidewalk improvements, drainage improvements, utility adjustments, bus bays and branded shelters. The project involved the construction of miles of fiber communications and modifications to signals to implement transit signal priority along the corridor as well as the installation of Ticket Vending Machines and provisions for future real time information. The project involves very close coordination with staff members in FDOT, City of Tampa, City of Temple Terrace, CSX, Hillsborough County, contractor and permitting agencies.

2        Florida DOT District 4, SR 708 – Avenue H West to US 1, FL – Project Engineer

This project included the milling and resurfacing of 2.5 miles of Blue Heron Boulevard (SR 708) in Palm Beach County.  The project included improvements to curb cut ramps to upgrade them to current ADA standards, placement of stamped asphalt sidewalk, driveway closures, utility adjustments, curb repairs, inlet repairs, and landscaping and pedestrian signal improvements. The project required the preparation of the following documents: Mini-drip Drainage Report, Cross Slope Exception, and Design Report. My responsibilities also included the preparation of quantity computations, cost estimates, LRE, responses to ERC comments and development of maintenance of traffic details.


2        Walt Disney World Architecture and Facilities (WDW), Routine Bridge Inspections, FL – Project Officer

Provided support as part of the team for the preparation of inspection reports, contract and contract management for this group of inspections, and other previous inspection assignments for WDW. This group of inspections included 106 bridges. The inspections included above and below water inspections.  The bridges support roadways, railways and pedestrian loading. The spans ranged from single spans to multiple spans made of various materials. One bascule bridge was also inspected. Underwater inspections were performed on approximately 15 of 106 bridges.


3        Walt Disney World Architecture and Facilities (WDW), FY08 Bridge Inspections, FL – Project Officer

Provided support as part of the team for the preparation of inspection reports, contract and contract management for this group of inspections, and other previous inspection assignments for WDW. This group included biennial bridge inspections of 52 bridges throughout WDW’s resorts, parks, golf courses and other properties.


4        Florida DOT District 5, SR 44 – Hill Avenue to CR 4139/Summit Avenue, FL – Project Engineer

Performed a scoping field review, provided a scope of services, fee estimate, and prepared exception packages (super-elevation cross slope rates at one curve location, horizontal clearance to two signal poles at Kepler Road Intersection, horizontal alignment curve lengths) and assisted with other design tasks for this project. Also, prepared quantity computations (pay items, computation book and backup, summary of quantities sheets, and pay item notes) for the preparation of construction bid documents for the milling, resurfacing, restoration and safety improvements for SR 44 in Volusia County (FPID No. 422026-1-52-01). As a regional manager, I was responsible for pursuing and winning this contract for the Florida Office.


5        Town of Mount Pleasant, US 17 Widening, Mount Pleasant, SC Project Engineer

Assisted with the development of proposed alignments and typical sections during the preliminary engineering phase and public involvement preparation activities (final alignment evaluation and review, exhibit preparation review), attended public meeting, client meetings and assisted with design tasks for the five –mile widening of US 17 from the Isle of Palms Connector to Darrell Creek Trail. The widening upgraded the roadway from a four- lane divided section to a six-lane divided section. The project also included architectural lighting and landscape median improvements.  Project tasks included traffic and transportation studies to support intersection improvements, full NEPA environmental documentation, aerial and topographical survey combined with Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), project hydraulic studies, and extensive public involvement.  Among the unique features that were accommodated in the project were the many “sweetgrass basket stands” throughout the corridor.  This section of US 17 was a designated Gullah Heritage corridor and sensitivity and protection of the basket-making culture was a key component to the project’s success.


6        City of Kissimmee, Emergency 911 Tower Replacement, FL – Project Officer

Provided contract review and contract management. Also, provided support to the Team and Project Manager regarding coordination of sub-consultant contracts, address client issue resolution, invoicing, scheduling and task coordination. This project involved providing engineering services for the demolition and erection of a communication tower used for the City of Kissimmee Emergency 911 System.  The project consisted of developing site plans for the demolition of the existing 180 feet self support tower and replacement adjacent to the existing tower or monopole.  The plans included planning for a new generator and buried tank in the near future. 


7        U.S. Coast Guard, Base San Juan, Puerto Rico Wall Rehabilitation Repairs, FL– Project Officer

Provided contract review and contract management. Also, provided support to the Team and Project Manager regarding permit coordination with Puerto Rico permitting agencies, contractor contacts, scheduling and coordination of geotechnical sub-consultants, invoice processing and addressed resolution of project issues.


8        Florida DOT District 5, SR 5 (U.S.1), FL – Project Manager

This project involved the preparation of contract plans for the milling and resurfacing of seven miles of SR 5 (southbound lanes only) in Volusia County.  This project was a work order under a District-wide Miscellaneous Contract managed by Ms. Morales for Florida DOT District 5.  The project included roadside safety improvements, such as installation of guardrail to protect drop-offs caused by box culvert headwalls within the clear zone, upgrades to guardrail end anchorage systems, pavement design, and re-striping to provide for minimum required paved widths.


9        Sarasota County Public Works, Bay Street Alternative Alignment Study, FL – Project Manager and Engineer

The project corridor began at the intersection of U.S. 41 and terminated 1.7 miles to the east at the railroad tracks.  The existing corridor consists of two typical sections: an open drainage (with curbed median) four lane section and an open drainage two-lane section. Work included exploring several alignments and urban typical section widths along this corridor.  Three alignments were evaluated: north, south, and combination of both alignments.  The intent was to identify right-of-way needs for each alternative considered; identify the costs of these impacts; quantify estimated environmental impacts; estimate the probable cost of construction; identify impacts to utilities and drainage design requirements.


10    Sarasota County Public Works, Fruitville Road Preliminary Drainage Analysis Study, FL – Project Manager

The intent of this study was to utilize and supplement existing drainage basin models to determine drainage patterns and quantity; determine flood elevations; identify floodplains; and determine required culvert size to avoid repeated overtopping of the road at low points at 100 year event. A report was prepared to document all findings.


11    Sarasota County Public Works, Fruitville Road Alternative Alignment Study, FL – Project Engineer

Ms. Morales provided preliminary engineering design services. Proposed project consisted of the widening, milling and resurfacing of Fruitville Road within this segment to provide for a rural typical section with four foot paved shoulders and twelve foot wide travel lanes.  Three alternative alignments were evaluated: north, center and south alignments.  The intent of the study was to identify and evaluate the right-of-way impacts for each alignment; quantify the probable costs of right-of-way acquisition; quantify required floodplain compensation; quantify extent of environmental impacts; and identify extent of utility impacts.


12    Sarasota County Public Works, Fruitville Road Design, FL – Project Manager and Project Engineer

Design project involved the preparation of plans to construct the selected north side alignment widening, replacement of seven cross drains, construction of a concrete box culvert, drainage basin modeling to established 100-year flood elevations, reconstruction of the vertical profile to provide for sufficient clearance to the 100-year floodplain in three areas with historic flooding problems, coordination with several developments along the corridor.


13    Charlotte County Public Works, Burnt Store Road Two-Lane Widening Design Plans, FL – Project Engineer

This project involved widening the travel lanes to 12 foot and providing a paved shoulder for nine miles of Burnt Store Road in Charlotte County, a rural arterial from the Lee County line north to US 441.  The improvements included roadway design, bridge design, pavement design, signing and pavement markings, channel and ditch design, cross drain design and analysis, retaining wall designs, as well as the replacement of over 80 side drains, and maintenance of traffic.


14    Charlotte County Public Works, Burnt Store Road Four-Lane Alternative Alignment Study, FL – Project Engineer

After the two-lane design of Burnt Store Road was completed, the County spearheaded the next phase of the project, which consisted of an alternative analysis study for the four-lane widening project.  Several typical sections were evaluated, which included rural and urban sections.  The intent of the project was to identify and quantify impacts to right-of-way, environmental impacts, and utility impacts.  Several existing and proposed subdivision plats were utilized to determine impacts to properties adjacent to the project.


15    Florida DOT Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, Turnpike Milling and Resurfacing & Roadside Safety Improvements, Saint Lucie and Martin Counties, FL – Project Engineer

The project consisted of the preparation of construction bid documents to mill and resurface approximately 17 miles of Turnpike mainline encompassing both Saint Lucie and Martin counties.  Tasks included the placement of new guardrail to protect drop-offs at box culverts, replacement of asphalt curb with shoulder gutter and inlets in bridge approaches, replacement of guardrail end anchorages, replacement of guardrail transitions to concrete barrier wall with three beam transitions, protection of piers with guardrail or concrete barrier or shoulder wall.


16    Florida DOT District 5, State Road 60A, Van Fleet Drive, FL – Project Manager/Engineer of Record

Project consisted of development of roadway plan revisions to replace two proposed bridges separated with a short embankment section by one-span Bridge over Polk Street and the CSX Railroad corridor.  Plan updates included modifications to bridge approaches and sidewalks, gravity and retaining walls at bridge approaches, lighting, grading, and MSE wall and embankment quantities.


17    Florida DOT District 5, State Road No. 5, Post Road to SR 404, Brevard County, FL – Project Engineer

This project consisted of two miles of six lane urban reconstruction in Brevard County.  The project typical consisted of a 30-foot raised median, three 12-foot lanes, and outside asphalt village swales.  The project included the design of a closed drainage system with five ponds and design of over 100 driveways connections. 


18    Florida DOT District 5, SR 401 New Barge Canal Bridges, FL – Project Manager

Ms. Morales worked on the roadway and traffic control portion for the inspection and rehabilitation engineering of the SR 401 bridges of the Barge Canal as a sub-consultant to another firm.  Project consisted of three defined tasks: preparation of a memorandum with TCP recommendations to conduct bridge inspection, preparation and cost estimating of conceptual alternatives for the engineering rehabilitation to include in the Engineering Report, and preparation of final design plans.  Duties included client relations, budget and schedule tracking, and direction of roadway and traffic control plans.


19    Florida DOT District 1, Local Agency Program (LAP), FL – Task Manager for GPC Contract

Ms. Morales was responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of the Local Agency Program within the District.  Assignments included extensive coordination with local municipalities, close coordination with the LAP Coordinators at bi-weekly meetings at the District, representing the Department at all applicable meetings and communications, establishing initials contacts with local agencies, and assisting with the Department’s contract approval process for LAP projects.


20    Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority, SR 429 – Western Beltway Interchange Part C (with Turnpike Lane Expansion), FL – Assistant Project Manager and Project Engineer

Ms. Morales participated in the Turnpike Lane Expansion plan modifications, mainline design, and Post Design Services.  Responsible for the preparation of project status reports, schedules, scope, design, and production management.  Also, was responsible for managing design tasks to prepare Final Plans for construction.  Other duties included responses to RFI and plan revisions. Plan modifications included preparation of gore details, ramp profiles, traffic detours, grading details and sight distance evaluation for signage.


21    Florida DOT District 5, State Road 520, SR 528 (Beeline Expressway) to east of SR 532, FL – Project Engineer

This project consisted of rural two-lane to four-lane reconstruction of seven miles of roadway.  This project created unique design conditions related to the high water table that is prevalent in the area.  Black base was utilized at the underpass with SR 528 to reconstruct the profile under the existing bridge, while improving existing vertical clearances at the bridge, which were originally substandard.


22    Florida DOT District 2, State Road No. 200, Citrus County Line to CR 484, FL – Project Engineer

This project consisted of five miles of four-lane rural new construction in Marion County.  The project included design of box culvert bridge over equestrian trail, design of two ponds and floodplain compensation areas, design of closed stormwater systems for road runoff collection at the ditches, use of special fencing for environmental and species considerations, transition to two lanes at the Withlachochee River Bridge, and preparation of traffic control plans.


23    Florida DOT District 4, TEA-21 Application Review, FL – Project Planner

Responsible for evaluating applications of candidate special enhancement and safety projects for inclusion in the District’s work program.  Applications were submitted by local agencies with a description of the location, cost, need for the project, and concept.  Projects were ranked based on feasibility, completeness/sufficiency of information provided, use of current standards, right-of-way needs, and environmental requirements/categorical exclusions.


24    Texas DOT, Kathy Freeway, Houston, TX – Project Engineer

Ms. Morales was responsible for assisting with the development of Traffic Control Plans and typical sections for the mainline portion of this contract.  Project consisted of mainline reconstruction with provisions for high occupancy vehicle lanes and an interchange with IH-10.  Plans required strict adherence to design and drafting standards and engineering alert documents.


25    Florida DOT District 2, I-75, FL – Project Engineer

Project consisted of the widening, milling and resurfacing of the portion of I-75 that extends through Columbia and Suwannee counties already constructed.  Duties included design/plans preparation and assisting with client relations.  The project included improvements to SR 136 ramps, extensive signing and marking plan preparation, improvements to existing guardrail, addition of shoulder gutter, and improvements to bridge approaches.


26    Seminole County Public Works, County Road 419, Phase I & Phase II, Seminole County, FL – Project Engineer

This project consisted of the four-laning of CR 419 from Lockwood Boulevard to Second Street.  Phase I included an open drainage typical section and Phase II an urban section due to right-of-way constraints.  Project included milling and resurfacing of existing two lane section of CR 419, construction of a twin bridge over the Econlockhatchee River, conservation of the canoe lunch park, connection with the planned Chuluota bypass, and turn lane improvements at Mitchell Hammock Road.


27    City of Leesburg Regional Airport, Air Traffic Control Tower & F.B.O. Site Design, FL – Project Engineer

Project included the preparation of contract documents for the construction of the City of Leesburg Air Traffic Control Tower and a new Fixed Based Operator site at the Regional Airport. The project tasks included pavement grading and pavement design; design of vehicle and aircraft parking areas and traffic areas, modifications to existing pond areas and ditch design, and utility coordination.


28    Florida DOT District 4, State Road 816, Oakland Park Boulevard, FL – Project Engineer

The project consisted of 0.9 miles of six-lane urban widening, milling and resurfacing in Broward County.  The project included median modifications to accommodate lengthening of existing turn lanes or access management median closures, reconfiguration of side street connections at 49th and 50th Avenues, widening for construction of bus bays, and reconstruction of accessible ramps throughout the project.


29    City of Belleview, US 441 Sidewalk Design, FL – Project Engineer

The project included the design of a sidewalk alignment between 100th and 110th Street. The City of Belleview received LAP funding to design and construct a sidewalk along US 441.  The project added pedestrian signal features along the corridor, including pads and markings.  Horizontal and vertical design for the sidewalk intended to reduce as much utility impacts as possible.

30    Florida DOT District 3, SR 30, FL – Project Engineer

Project consisted of the milling and resurfacing of SR 30 with minor intersection improvements to accommodate left turn lanes.  Ms. Morales utilized 3R criteria to upgrade existing corridor to current Florida DOT safety standards.  Duties included direction and design of plan production, cost estimating, and coordination with the local agencies.


31    City of Ocoee, Maguire Road, Roberson/Moore Road to State Road 50, FL – Project Engineer

The project consisted of urban four-lane widening of 1.5 miles of roadway.  The project activities included alternative alignment, horizontal and profile alignments, coordination with future proposed developments, and evaluation of impacts to a gas station at the intersection with State Road 50, access management, closed storm sewer system, and bridge improvements.



Below please find five representative references. Contact information and additional references are available upon request for your verification.

Ronald Wallace, PE, Project Manager, Florida Department of Transportation District Four

Fernando Morales, PE, Project Manager, Florida Department of Transportation District Four

Ambar Diaz, PE, Transportation Analyst, GMB Engineers and Planners

Mark Davis, Transportation Designer, HNTB Corporation

Roberto Rodriguez, Transportation Designer

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  • Location: Orlando, FL , 32825

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